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Beginners Guide to Eyelash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions can be either synthetic or mink lashes attached to the person’s natural lash with a small amount of specialist adhesive. Eyelash extensions are used by people who want to add more length and/or curl to there lashes. Eyelashes can range from 6mm - 17mm and come in many different thicknesses.

What is the difference between the types of Eyelashes and their benefits?

Classic: Classic extensions are created by applying 1 extension to every 1 single natural eyelash. This treatment takes anywhere between 1 and 2 hours depending on how many natural eyelashes you have.

Russian: Russian extensions are created by a fan consisting of anywhere between 2-8 extensions that are attached to a single natural eyelash. This fan can be bought premade or your lash artists could be hand making these. This treatment takes anywhere between 2 and 3 hours depending on how many natural eyelashes you have.

Hybrid: Hybrid extensions are a mixture of classic extensions and Russian extensions alternated throughout and placed onto every single natural eyelash. This treatment takes anywhere between 1 ½ and 2 ½ hours depending on how many natural eyelashes you have.

What happens at an eyelash appointment?

Firstly if you were a new customer you will need to have a patch test at least 48 hours before the treatment is carried out. This is done by applying a few eyelashes to each eye. If any irritation occurs such as an itchy or irritated eye then you need to notify your eyelash technician immediately. If you are an existing customer, you would have experienced some form of Patch Test and already know your skin is comfortable with your technician’s specific brand.

Arriving at your first appointment you should have a consultation with your eyelash technician. This would usually include filling out a form with your contact details and signing a waiver to say you had a patch test and that you had no reaction occur within the 48 hours. You would then discuss with your eyelash technician what kind of style you would like, and you would be advised accordingly to what would suit your eye shape/length and thickness of your own natural eyelashes. Even your lifestyle could depend on what lashes your technician would recommend for you.

If you are a returning client at the beginning of each appointment you would be asked if any of your personal details / medical records (this can include allergies and contra-indications) have changed since your last appointment. You would then talk about how you got on with the last set of eyelashes you had, and adapt if need be.

You would then lay down on the beauty couch/chair, and your eyelash technician would tape down your bottom lashes using either eye pads or microporous tape. Having this done for the first time can certainly feel very strange, but after about half an hour you forget the tape is even there. Sometimes having a foreign object on under your eye first the first time can make your eye water quite a lot, but please don’t be alarmed as if you just notify your eyelash technician she can change accordingly. You will then be told that you now need to keep your eyes closed until all is complete.

Your eyelash technician should usually have a very comfy pillow and a blanket with soft music on in the background and maybe a few candles burning to make you feel nice and relaxed. It is very important when you’re having your eyelashes done to relax as if you are fidgeting this can make it hard for your technician to provide the best possible service. Another result of not feeling relaxed is of course you not making to most of this “Chill Out Time”! - Please always feel comfortable enough to make any suggestions where needed. Eyelash technicians are always up for a good old natter, I know I certainly am.. However, after roughly 1-2 hours, your set is done. I remember having mine done for the first time and I was so scared it was going to hurt. I was shocked to find that it just felt like someone was brushing through my eyelashes.

When your eyelash technician is finished they will remove the under-eye pads/microporous tape (this feels amazing, anyone whos had eyelash’s done will agree) they may then use a handheld dryer to dry the eyelashes for around 5 minutes. This is to remove all of the glue fumes from the eye.

Then your lash technician might use a nano mister to cure the adhesive. This is a handheld device filled with distilled water that will eject mist. This process will turn the adhesive from a liquid to a solid. This part is extremely cool and refreshing for the face and eyes after your treatment.

Next, your eyelash technician could do a “post wash”. This is to ensure any residues of adhesive and adhesive fumes are gone. This will be done with lash cleanser and water. Your eyelash technician will gently massage the cleanser into the eyelashes when your eyes are shut with a cleansing brush. This will then be washed out with water and patted dry with a tissue. I have actually seen many people whose eyes always are a little bit irritated after the treatment however this works a treat! It used to be such a no go to getting them wet for at least 48 hours however recently this has changed as I’ve seen by many other big lash artists names on social media. Your lashes will be dried with a handheld dryer and brushed through with a spoolie.

Finally, you will be able to open your eyes and should be provided a mirror to see your stunning new lashes. You will then most likely be asked if it’s okay that your lash artist takes a few pictures of your lash set for either Social Media or Personal Portfolio’s.. (when I mean a few, I mean about 1,000!). It’s always good to book your next infill with your lash artist before you leave, in case you forget to book and your lash artist gets fully booked as we have all been there and it’s the worst feeling! You will be recommended to book your infills between 2-3 weeks. It’s always handy to check to see if your lash artist has a loyalty card/scheme as lashes are addictive. You will be sent away with some lash aftercare that you will need to follow religiously to keep your lashes looking fresh.

Eyelash extension benefits?

There are many benefits to getting eyelash extensions such as no mascara! This is such a big game-changer in the morning. I know a lot of people cannot leave the house without mascara but this can take quite a long time to apply. The feedback I get from most of my clients is how it makes such a change to there morning routine, and they’re able to get out of bed to leave for work 15 minutes later than usual.

Another benefit is you can create volume and length to your lashes (within reason). This can also enhance your eye shape, and lift your eyes!

I really hope you enjoyed my first Blog Post. I’m hoping this will be the first of many!

Please feel free to share this with a fellow lash enthusiast!

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