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My Own Lash Brand

I have been working extremely hard over the last few months to release my own lash brand. A lot has gone into every single little detail. What lash styles, what type of lash box, how much was I going to retail them at? Every single little detail has been carefully thought about. I didn’t want to release something that I wouldn’t want to buy. Therefore it had to be perfect.


My lashes retail at £7.99. This includes postage and packaging for UK purchases only. Outside of the UK further postage charges will apply.


I have released 4 different styles. I tried to create 4 different styles to target what different people would like to wear, and suiting different eye and face shapes.


The most beautiful of the goddesses whose angelic appearance could charm even the hardest of hearts. Mainly known for love, beauty & lust. These lashes represent beauty with their stunning fluffy cat-eye flick.


Tyche known for chance, fate & fortune. The ancient Greeks thought she was the reason for unexpected events in their lives, good and evil. These stunning lashes with the wispy spikes can be dressed up for a night out or down for a casual day.


Hera the queen of the GODS, married to Zeus. Ruled over the heavens and the earth. These killer lashes will make everyone turn their heads. Thick but wispy, great for a night out to make a statement.


Athena known for wisdom, courage, and inspiration. These lovely natural lashes with a subtle cat eye are great to wear on a day to day basis.


This was one of the hardest part’s of designing my own lash brand. I had so many different ideas in my head. However, i wanted my lash brand to be powerful and what is more powerful than goddesses?

The more i researched the history of the goddesses the more i was set on the names. The names really suited the vibe i was trying to give off with each different style.


The packaging is a very important part of the making as this really markets them for you. I wanted to go with something very simple, but effective. I tried thinking of what would really draw me to a pair of lashes in a shop.

I really think the white box with the outer edges & behind the lashes being a subtle pink iridescent glitter is very classy. The iridescent pink glitter really draws your attention when the light hits it.

I really hope you all like my own lash brand. I was, and still am completely blown away with the response i got. I appreciate every single person who has purchased my lashes, and everyone whos supported me along the way. I will continue to order more in, and hopefully soon we will be seeing a new style….

Lucy xx

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